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Mission Statement

At AAATesters our company’s mission is not to just make money – it is to create value for its employees and customers and as a result of this, to generate a financial future for our company to grow.

The strength of our company’s mission resides in our employee’s conviction, passion, and aligned behaviors with such a passion.

Putting customers first

Our first job is to understand our customer’s needs and objectives, then provide products and services to help satisfy those goals so they can be successful. And, the best way for us to meet our customer’s needs is by working together, as a team.

Our customers range from small start-ups to large multi-national corporations and include government agencies, armed forces and leading universities, such as CBS Corporation, Google, SpaceX, etc..

So, what gives Strength to our Mission? Our Customers and Employees. They fuel our future.


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Sell Your Test Equipment!!


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We Buy Test Equipment
& Tools. Sell or Trade Your Test Equipment. Fiber Optic Testers, Fusion Splicers, OTDRs, Cable Certifier Testers, CATV Meters, Site Masters, Spectrum Network Analyzers etc... $$ CASH back in your Pocket! $$ We make it Fast, Nice, & Easy!

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